Emergency Planning, Risk and Crisis Management


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At Humber EPC we pride ourselves on being able to assist individuals, charities and businesses, large and small, with their emergency management needs.  We provide bespoke solutions that match the requirements of your organisation ensuring compliance with legislation and guidance. 

Our roots are in 'Category 1' Emergency services (Fire and Police) and we understand the complexities of dealing with major incidents including working with multi-agencies partners.  

We pride ourselves on being proactive, dynamic and solution focussed






Our team can assist your business with your Emergency Management requirements including:

  • Creating, writing and testing your emergency plans.  

  • Completing multi-dimensional threat risk assessments taking into account threats, vulnerabilities and impacts to identify priority areas.  We will then work with you to provide plans to mitigate those high priority risks.  

  • Operational, Tactical and Strategic training for those involved in emergencies, taking into account the requirement of the civil contingencies act.

  • Covid 19 Assessment

Working with our Local emergency services partners we are able to devise, write and test business continuity plans.  

Our dedicated Planning centre conveniently located at Humberside airport provides business with a 24/7 Crisis Management facility.  

We specialise in delivery tactical and strategic emergency management training in an immersive learning environment simulating an emergency at all stages. 

Covid 19 

We have been engaged by East Riding Public health to support the community and voluntary sector with the complexities of Covid risk assessment & management.  We are pleased to be working with SMILE Hey foundation and have and continue to support a number of organisations across the region with safely reopening and implementing effective and manageable control measures.

We are able to assist with:

  • Covid ready risk assessments

  • Implementation of control measures

  • review and audit your plans

  • Proactive and reactive infection control including 'fogging'

  • business continuity planning and emergency response planning.

  • Fire risk assessments. 

  • medical needs assessments 

  • training and development