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HEPC Ltd and HEPC Operations Ltd work together to assist customers in the following areas:

  • Crisis Management
  • Emergency Planning
  • Emergency Response requirements
  • Compliance with HSE regulations involving site safety and provision of response arrangements, including COMAH regulations
  • Compliance with the Civil Contingencies Act

To enable customers to ensure compliance in the above areas we provide the following solutions:

  • Reviewing and developing emergency response and business continuity plans in conjunction with customers
  • Testing and exercising plans to ensure their effectiveness
  • Training of staff to be able to operate in multi-agency arenas, to include working at Strategic, Tactical and Operational levels as required, based on the identified needs of the customer
  • Delivery of SFJ Awards accredited command and control course, to both Category 1 and 2 responders (as defined within the Civil Contingencies Act) as well as bespoke training to other organisations
  • Providing a managed maintenance of competence model for organisations to ensure ongoing competence and compliance
  • Bespoke provision of emergency consultancy services as required