Frequently asked questions

FAQ following Community workshops

What do i need to do to reopen?

You need to follow the guidance. There are some great templates on the HSE and detailed Covid guidance which is sector specific on the Government website. Also consider : is your health and safety assessment up to date? your need to complete a Covid risk assessment? if you have insurance, is it up to date and has there been any changes made to the policy following covid? if you have staff, volunteers etc that are fire wardens or first aid trained check that their certification has not run out?

We are run by volunteers do i need to carry out a covid assessment?

Health and safety legisltation refers to terms like employers and workers. If you have control, oversight, ownership of a premise or group then you are like and employer. You have a duty of care for everyone that comes into your premises or onto a class you are running. Dont forget that if you have deliver drivers coming in or a cleaner a couple of hours a week you also need to consider them. They are your 'workers'

I run a village hall, what do i need to do with regards to groups that want to hire it?

If you run the hall (paid or not) then you have a duty of responsibility to ensure that everyone that comes into the premises is safe from harm. You will need to ensure their health and safety needs are met (risk assessments) and that things like fire risk assesments are up to date. You will also neede to complete a Covid risk assessment. This must be shared with the groups that use your premises.

Does my assessment need to be written down?

if you have more than 5 employees (remember this could be volunteers or people joining your group or class) then this would need to be written down

I run a hall, do i need to give every group that wants to hire the hall a copy of my covid and health and safety risk assessment?

Absolutely, you need to ensure that everyone is made aware of any of the risks / hazards that you have identified and what measures you have put in place. Also share your covid assessment and ask for confirmation from the group in the form of a method statement or risk assessment to demonstrate how they will comply with your assessment.

i am a Yoga instructor do i need to do a covid assessment if i am hiring a hall, can i not just use theirs?

You should already have a risk assessment for the Yoga class. This would cover things like ensuring everyone has the right equipment, are there any injuries prior to starting the class etc. you will need to provide a document, method statement or safe system of work or risk assessment that demonstates how you will ensure you comply with the rules that the hall has set. They may have limited the numbers that could attend the hall and you will need to take that into account. They may have introduced a one way system and again you will need to show how you are complying

i am part of commitee do i need to appoint a health and safety lead?

not necessarily, although it would be a good idea to give one person the responsibility to ensure the Health and saftey needs are met.

I have members that are too frightened or worried to come back to the group, how can i overcome this?

This is becoming quite common, its vital for the community to reopen and get back to some sort of normality. By completing risk assessments and sharing, consulting and communicating with your members this can go a long way with providing reassurance

Do i need to ask my group members to LAT flow test if they have had both doses of the vaccine?

The vaccine is a great success in combating the devasting effects of the virus, what it does not do is totally eradicate the fact that people could be unwittingly spreading the virus. LAT flow testing is an essential part of ensuring the health and well being of all the people you come into contact with.

I have just taken over a hall and i am not aware if there are any assessments in place?

Sometimes things get missed and this is not a problem, if you do not have the necessary documents in place we are more than happy to assist you

What if i dont want to complete all the assessments

It possible that you would commit a number of offences and by liable for any issues. Health and safety should be a proactive thing and fundemental to how you operate. Unfortunately hindsight will not be a defence.

How many times a week should i be getting LAT flow tested?

The best advice is to get tested a couple of times a week if you are attending a group or hall everyday. If you only meet once a month it would be advisable that you carry out testing on that day. Please remember that tests are free and available from centres or pharmacies and to carry out the tests before arriving at the group