Media response / monitoring

Providing support, active monitoring across all social media platforms should an incident or emergency occur that could affect the people, environment, assets and or reputation of the business

Relative, casualty support

Including support, guidance and assistance in the form of family liaison professionals.  We will support your HR teams should there be an incident involve death or serious injury.  This support would include any subsequent enquiry, inquest or court appearance. This would also include hospital support for individuals and Next of kin

Evacuee / casualty reception

This includes providing transport, making travel

arrangements, arranging accommodation, provision of essential clothing and personal items. To include a

dedicated reception centre that can be used for

welfare, ongoing support based at Humberside Airport, this can also be used to assist should an offshore installation need to de-man

Evacuee / casualty reception

This includes providing transport, making travel, accommodation arrangements and providing

essential clothing and personal items. We can also provide a dedicated reception centre that can be used for welfare, pastoral support and any other health care provision based at Humberside Airport.  This is also available in times of an emergency should an offshore

installation need to de-man

Tactical / Strategic Advisor

Provide 24/7 365 advise should an internal emergency or major incident be declared that

affects your people, assets, business and reputation. The advisor will also co-ordinate all crisis management support being offered i.e family liaison, casualty reception etc.

Business Continuity

Creation, implementation and testing of Business continuity plans. We will undertake a Multi dimensional threat risk assessment and business impact assessments will be completed by BC professionals.

Emergency Response Plans

Creation, implementation, testing and exercising of ERP's.  This includes training and development of Key personnel.

Humber Emergency planning centre

Fallback facility in the event of an emergency or any

incident that requires the response to be ‘offsite’ – this

will also include a tactical /strategic advisor as above.

Includes business support, parking at the airport,

refreshments etc

Other Services


Body recovery

Provision of specialist team, qualified to attend

offshore to recover deceased persons.